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California Coastal Cleanup Day
Virtual Cleanup - San Diego County

We're going Virtual!

Cleaning the coast starts at your front door.

The 36th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day will be a virtual and remote event. Volunteer households will clean up close to home in their neighborhoods to stay safe and make a positive local impact. Visit the Volunteer page to learn how you can get involved!

Registration opens on September 1st on I Love A Clean San Diego's new COMMUNITY HUB! Prepare by creating your account to stay in the loop:

About the Event

What is California Coastal Cleanup Day?

California Coastal Cleanup Day (CCD) is a statewide beach and coastal and inland waterway cleanup held throughout California each year, part of the largest such cleanup in the country. CCD is a partnership between the California Coastal Commission, non-profit groups such as I Love A Clean San Diego, and cities and counties throughout the state. It is a major part of International Coastal Cleanup, which is facilitated by The Ocean Conservancy and includes many U.S. states and territories and over 70 countries.

The California shoreline is one of the most beautiful in the country, yet each year thousands of tons of garbage end up on the beaches and in the ocean. 80 percent of this debris comes from a land-based source. This garbage can endanger wildlife and human health. CCD provides an opportunity for volunteers of all ages to work together and make a positive impact on our waterways and reduce the amount of marine debris the enters our ocean. To find out more about the ways CCD makes a difference, see the Latest News section of our website!

Why is CCD unique?

California Coastal Cleanup Day (CCD) is a statewide cleanup that is also a part of International Coastal Cleanup Day. CCD is unique because it involves a network of cleanup coordinators in over one hundred countries and nearly all U.S. states and territories. When you volunteer for CCD on the third Saturday of September, you are joining hundreds of thousands of volunteers all over the world to remove trash & debris from our ecosystems. During CCD 2013, 648,015 volunteers from 50 U.S. states and 92 countries removed 12.3 million pounds of trash from inland and coastal waterways and beaches all over the world! By joining forces with volunteers in your community and around the globe you are helping make a difference in the health of our water resources!

CCD is also unique because it is the primary event where we collect information about items found during the cleanup. Volunteers will record types of marine debris found and report their findings on data cards (for more details, see "Why do we fill out data cards"). Data cards allow us to compile, analyze and track data year-by-year and make discoveries about the behaviors that cause the debris. The final statewide & international information is used to educate the public, businesses, industries, and government officials about our trash pollution problem. Understanding the problem is the key to finding long-lasting solutions to pollution prevention!

Why do we fill out data cards?

In addition to being the largest single-day volunteer event for the marine environment, the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is unique because of its data collection. After years of collecting data on the specific types of marine debris being found, ICC data now focuses on the activities that cause the debris. The Ocean Conservancy compiles, analyzes, and tracks this data to identify the activities and general sources of the debris in a region, state, or country. The Ocean Conservancy also compares data from land and underwater cleanups to discern any differences between debris sources and activities. The final information is then used to educate the public, businesses, industry, and government officials about the problem of debris. ICC data reports have also influenced public policy on waste management, prompted legislation, and convinced individuals, organizations, and communities to examine their waste handling practices.

Coastal Cleanup Day volunteers are an important part of this research project. Please fill out your data card as completely and as accurately as possible. Only real numbers can be used in the final tallies. "Billions" or "tons" would be counted as zero. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance with this part of the cleanup.
Why We Do This...

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Reduce waste at this year's cleanup by using your own bucket, work gloves, and reusable water bottle. Pro tip: look to salvage buckets from local sandwich shops or fast food chains!
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