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Want to lead a cleanup site? Become a Site Captain!

ILACSD is currently recruiting site captains throughout San Diego county to lead cleanup sites on September 15th! There are options to support at a site in need designated by our team as a flexible site captain or at a location in your community! Sign up to help by Wednesday July 11th.

Duties include: leading their site on September 15th, keep in contact with our team leading up to the event, and coordinate their cleanup site meeting location. On the day of the event, site captains collect waivers from volunteers, pass out supplies, give an informational/safety talk, and then keep record of the trash & debris totals to report back to ILACSD by deadlines given.

To get involved, reach out directly to Lauren Short at or at 619-704-2772

Site Captains

What is a site captain?

Click here to view a flyer with more information.

Our site captains lead an individual site on the day of the event. ILACSD provides training, cleanup supplies, additional volunteer outreach, website coordination for registration, and hauling for the trash and debris collected.

Before the event, site captains are responsible for communicating with our team via email/phone, picking up cleanup supplies from our office - either at one of our site captain training dates (highly encouraged for newer site captains) or at another time before the event. 

Some duties include: 

- Leading volunteers day of - coordinating waiver signing, providing cleanup supplies, safety speech, etc.

- Choose and scout cleanup location

- Locate where the dumpster should be on-site, if necessary, within ILACSD's deadlines

- Report back totals and accomplishments to ILACSD by 12pm the day of the event

- Return supplies within a timely manner to ILACSD at celebration party or at our offices

If you are interested, please reach out to Lauren Short at lshort@cleansd.orgfor locations needed. The deadline to be a site captain is July 11th, 2018! 

Site Captain Resources

Educational Display Instructions for Cleanup Sites:



Biomagnification Diagram


Recycle Board


Food Web Game


Cigarette Butt's Affect on Water Display


Why We Do This...

Visit our Marine Debris Page to learn how you can help reduce pollution in the ocean.
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Just for Kids...

For instructions on how to create your own repurposed sand sifter to bring to the cleanup, as well as other reusable cleanup craft ideas, visit the kids page.  Check out the Bling Your Bucket contest - thanks to all who participated and to those who brought their own reusable cleanup supplies last year!

Coastal Cleanup Day 2018 involves over 100 cleanup sites in San Diego County. The event's reach doesn't stop here. Coastal Cleanup Day is celebrated across California as well as all 50 states, and held in over 150 countries worldwide.
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