Coastal Cleanup Day | San Diego County

Volunteer for the county's largest single-day environmental cleanup!

Event Details

September 17, 2022 (9 AM – 12 PM)

Registration opens September 1

More information to come!


About Coastal Cleanup Day

I Love A Clean San Diego has served as the official organizer of Coastal Cleanup Day in San Diego County since it was founded in 1985. The event is a major part of International Coastal Cleanup, which is facilitated by The Ocean Conservancy and includes many U.S. states and territories, and over 70 countries. In California, data is reported to the California Coastal Commission as part of the international cleanup efforts. You are joining hundreds of thousands of volunteers all over the world to remove pollution from our ecosystems!

Over 269,000
Over 5 Million
POUNDS OF LITTER & DEBRIS Removed Since 1985

Why Volunteer?

80% of all coastal pollution begins inland

By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish by weight in the world’s oceans if we don’t defend our waterways from litter

Because we LOVE where we live

Get Involved

Anyone can do it! Volunteer as an individual, with friends and family or as a corporate team. All ages welcome. You can also help Coastal Cleanup Day by donating directly through the orange button.


Report Your Data

An important part of this event is collecting litter totals and weight estimates from all volunteers who participate! This data is key to implementing important habit changes, educating our county residents, and influencing policy changes. The location you clean up and litter totals you report will be shared on our Volunteer Impact Map to track collective cleanup totals, all day long, countywide! Thank you for being citizen scientists!

Thank You to Our Partners

I Love A Clean San Diego thanks our valued partners for helping make Coastal Cleanup Day 2021 a success. If you would like to join the community of businesses that support this event, please contact Steve Morris at






In Kind

Interested in becoming a corporate partner with 2022
Coastal Cleanup Day or an upcoming I Love A Clean
San Diego event? Please contact us.

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  • Q: How do I register?

    Registration opens September 1. You can create a profile on our Community Hub to prepare for Coastal Cleanup Day 2022 and stay up to date with other volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

  • Q: Can I register as a family or household group?

    Yes! As you register for the cleanup on the Community Hub, you can (1) create a new group or (2) select an existing group (from a past event). 

    You can register on behalf of your group and list the # of volunteers you expect; this makes you the point of communication and you can relay information you get from us to your group members. This option is great for smaller groups with an advisor like scout troops and student clubs.

    You can also register your group for the cleanup and list the # of “invites” you would like; this creates a unique URL for your group sign-up that you can send to your group members to sign themselves up under your group “umbrella”. This option is great for larger groups where everyone can be responsible for receiving information from us, like a church congregation or a corporate team.

  • Q: How old do I have to be to volunteer?

    Coastal Cleanup Day is a great event for the whole family. Kids are welcome to participate; volunteering at a young age can instill community stewardship for life! 

    A guardian will have to create an account to register a child for an event, they can register as a group and include them as a member count (a “group” is a general term that can include a family, a team, or any type of group you can think of at any size – including just 2 people).

  • Q: How do I prepare?

    To make this as sustainable as possible, try to use your own reusable supplies from around the house – items like litter buckets, litter grabbers, gardening gloves, and reusable water bottles. 

    You may want to bring snacks and cleanup-ready clothing like closed-toed shoes and a big hat. Check out this Supply Guide to repurpose what you have around your house.

  • Q: What do I wear?

    You can feel prepared with gloves, closed-toed shoes, a hat, and sunscreen. If you are going to be volunteering in a canyon, we recommend long pants and long-sleeved shirts (but keep in mind it is September in San Diego!).

  • Q: How will we know our impact?

    YOU submit your cleanup data! Participating volunteers will be able to contribute to real time, crowd-sourced data by reporting your volunteer impact. Once registered, volunteers will receive a link to a detailed form to report back their cleanup stats, which can be accessed on a mobile or desktop. Paper data cards will also be available for those that need them. As part of the International Coastal Cleanup, organized by the Ocean Conservancy, this community-based science will contribute to a global database. 

    After you submit your litter report, check out our Volunteer Impact Map to see the stats grow and the map get filled in with cleanups from around the County!

  • Q: Does this count for community service? What about court ordered service?

    This event does qualify for Community Service Hours (at all sites) and it does qualify for Court Ordered hours (at sites with a staff member only).

    In order to receive volunteer hours, service forms and Letters of Appreciation – volunteers will need to be:

      1. Registered for the event through I Love A Clean San Diego’s Community Hub
      2. Participate in the cleanup
      3. Capture a photo of your active participation in the cleanup
      4. Log your volunteer hours post cleanup through your profile on the Community Hub.

    Volunteers who are registered for the cleanup are eligible to request community service verification and Letters of Appreciation. To request volunteer hours verification – follow this guide to Log Your hours and complete the logbook survey to request community service forms.

  • Q: Can my troop get patches for participating?

    Yes – more information to come on when to order Coastal Cleanup Day 2022 patches.